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Taylor D. Hewitt

Taylor is an illustrator, concept artist, and animator who's a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a BFA in Entertainment Design with a concentration in Animation. Based currently in the greater Minneapolis / Twin Cities area, she has professional experience in all manner of game and visual arts and has worked professionally in industry for over four years. 

Taylor's work often focuses on the fantastical and the strange - her deep-seated love of horror and epic high fantasy often playing in depth roles in her work. However, job experience has had her doing all kinds of 2D art including character and creature concepts, full illustrations and splash screens, tile sets, UI design, and animations. Likewise she has both managerial and team based/lead skills. 

She is currently open to any and all employment opportunities, commercial work, and personal commissions. 

She also has a Facebook page you can look at too!
Same with Twitter, though it is a personal page!

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